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March 10, 2015
by JustinDMorris
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Natural Home Remedies: Do They Really Work?


Synthetic and laboratory bred medicine is a Western invention. In the East, the way to heal was using natural home remedies. These had no side effects and no overdose unlike synthetic medicine. When the green movement was launched, one of the things that they proposed was a going back to natural healing. But to they really work? Do natural home remedies work? Of course they do, they are just not convenient to take, that is why they never gained popularity in a world that is always in a rush.

There are natural home remedies for palpitation

If you are constantly palpitating, you may need to avoid some things but then eat some things also. You may need to avoid coffee and other beverages that contain caffeine. Alcoholic beverages are also not advised, including beer. You must get rid of these things in your body by not taking anything but only water. After that, include in your diet salmon and mackerel cooked naturally in olive oil or other natural ingredient. Take water after your meal and observe. Your palpitation will start to decrease and disappear ultimately.

There are natural home remedies for oily skin

honeyOily skin does not escape natural home remedies. If you are experiencing oily skin, you need to practice good hygiene by washing your face at least three times a day. To stop the oil that your skin constantly produces will need some natural wonders. There are many herbs that you can use. Use what is available in your area by selecting herbs that have astringent qualities.

There are natural home remedies for bug bites and itching

Bug bites, insect bites and itching are everyday occurrences. Do you know that there are natural remedies for this? The ingredients may just be out in your backyard or your neighbor’s fence. The reason why this is never popular is that you need to prepare it yourself. It is not sold in the drugstore. The natural home remedy is a mixture of essential oils. You need to mix eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, lemon grass oil and citronella for a mix than can do wonders.

There are natural home remedies for the stomach

Upset stomach is as common as having a headache. There is a natural home remedy for this kind of ailment. However, this may not work if you also do not watch your diet. You may have to avoid fatty food and food that naturally can upset your stomach. The home remedy is a mixture of licorice, ginger and chamonille. You ground it into powder form and mix it with hot water in a container. Drink it like you drink tea or coffee. Those who used it swear that it works.

There are natural home remedies for bruises

Having bruises is fairly common with kids and adults. Sometimes you do not even know why you have bruises. You must have it something. The rule for bruises is that when you notice it, immediately apply ice. However, if twelve hours have passed, you use lukewarm water instead. The natural home remedy for bruises is very simple. It is just applying ice and after that put frozen vegetable leaf on the spot and whap it with a cloth. The next day you will be amazed because the bruise will be gone.

There are natural home remedies for stress

We live in a stressful environment and home remedies for stress can come in handy. Stress is usually related to situations in the workplace which to bring to your home. This is often aggravated by food that increases stress. To combat stress drink Chamonille tea. It has properties that allow your brain to release hormones that combat stress.

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